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Nose : This wine reveals a complex and voluptuous nose with aromas of eucalyptus, acacia honey, vanilla and nuts. Mouth : Rich texture in the mouth with a generous volume blending vanilla flavours and a full-bodied roundness. The aftertaste is intense and sustained. Wine and food pairing : Sweetbread, chicken with morel mushrooms, fish, shellfish…


Nose : This wine reveals a subtle and delicate nose with aromas of pepper, fresh cut grass and an overall mineral structure of flint stone. Mouth :  The initial attack on the palate is full-bodied with a hint of chilli pepper. It becomes more intense, developing a stronger mineral aftertaste with spices and fresh butter. [...]


Nose : At first, this wine reveals voluptuous and slightly smoked aromas with hints of cardamom, honey and gingerbread. Highlighted with a well-balanced, oaky fragrance. Mouth : Generous and voluptuous taste blending hints of gingerbread and bourbon vanilla. Rich and elegant flavours developing towards a long, smooth, generous aftertaste which reflects the nose. Wine and [...]


Nose : This wine reveals a generous nose with quince and grilled nut aromas, highlighted with a rich bourbon vanilla fragrance and the freshness of eucalyptus. Mouth : An overall round-bodied, harmonious palate with flavours of caramelised fruits. Hints of grilled almonds are intensified by the sustained, slightly acidulous taste. Wine and food pairing : [...]


Nose : This wine reveals a discreet and delicate nose with aromas of pear, gingerbread and acacia honey with a lightly toasted fragrance. Mouth : The initial attack on the palate is lively and frank highlighting an overall sustained, acidulous taste in the mouth.  Followed by a well-balanced, mouth-watering, mineral aftertaste. Wine and food pairing [...]